Take advantage of global online grocery push
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Are you a savvy investor? The online grocery business is said to be “exploding” and has become the focus of investment efforts by most of the large grocery retailers, including Kroger, Target and Walmart, against Amazon’s feared assault. By 2022, online grocery has been forecast by Nielsen U.S.A. to be a $100 billion business—representing over 12% of the projected total U.S. retail food and grocery business in that year. Source: Supermarket News In 2017 new interest in the online grocery market started to grow. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, and Walmart’s push to gear their customers into ordering online, there will be a major influx of new ideas related to e-commerce and grocery shopping. CNBC reports expectations of online grocery sales to surge, grabbing 20 percent of the market by 2025! Don’t wait, buy this domain and dominate. The MyGrocery.com domain is the perfect domain for any company to want to personalize the experience without having to worry about Brand. As we all know, Brand is secondary to the User Experience (UX), and is what draws people. Second, the variety of goods available, whether dry goods shipped, or fresh goods picked up locally. This domain ranks high in the relevance category since “grocery” is part of the domain name. This is the first time this domain has been offered in the online groceries category, as it has been held by the same owner for 15-plus years. Take advantage of this lease or purchase offer now. This is a premium domain, so non-professional domain buyers need not apply. Be prepared to make an offer! Contact Domain Broker/Owner Zane @ NOSPAMZaneGood.com (remove spacing, and “NoSPAM” from email)